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Getting from Point A to Point B has never been quieter, and Overair needed a website that reflected their cutting-edge technology.

Building on their established brand, we developed a user app and custom website that highlights the quick travel time and groundbreaking technology of Butterfly, Overair’s eVTOL (electric vertical-only takeoff and landing) aircraft. Clean lines, sans serif typography and bright pops of color all lean into the simplified, straightforward aspects of Overair’s brand and product.

In order to help potential investors visualize future engagement, we crafted user journeys through the app. Starting with simple wireframes, we worked with Overair to smooth out pain points throughout the process, before applying the updated brand UI.

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Our approach involved rethinking all of Overair’s current visual language, including mapping, progress tracking, and information visualization.

We brought all of these aspects into the design of the website, where brand and user interface combine with compelling on-site imagery and video to truly elevate Overair’s story.

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