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Launching a brand refresh to new heights.

Vector connects space startups with affordable and reliable space access.

The company vision is to reshape the multi-billion dollar launch market by combining dedicated low-cost micro satellites launch (Vector Launch) and software defined satellites (GalacticSky) to dramatically increase access and speed to orbit.

Vector Launch asked us to give their brand an updated look that matched their cutting-edge technology and services.

Our solution was to simplify a brand that become overwhelmed with graphic effects and text treatments. The result was a more accessible and aspirational brand platform that could easily communicate Vector’s vision, product and services to a range of audiences from rocket scientists to investors to media outlets. We provided fully-refreshed brand guidelines, including graphic, photography and messaging guidelines.

Vector wants to do for spaceflight what Apple CEO Steve Jobs did for so many other industries: Revolutionize it.

— Business Insider

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