Let Me Doodle On It

I’ve been excited and inspired this month by a couple of things I’ve seen about doodlingcoloring and generally just getting to express yourself, and the benefits that it has on mental health, stress and memory. Fortunately, here at Dapper, we work in a field where we get to express ourselves creatively in some form or another day in and day out. But seeing headlines and articles about the benefits of doodling has certainly been a good reminder to do it more often, and not just for the health benefits.

I certainly don’t doodle as much as I could, or anywhere near as much as I used to, but I know—or at least am remembering—that especially in the early stages of a project, hopping off the computer and giving yourself some time to draw can be incredibly helpful. Whatever you may lose in computerized precision you definitely gain in spontaneity. In addition, as many of the articles on doodling point out, drawing and doodling can be incredibly relaxing. It certainly helps me focus and produce in a way that can be difficult when the computer’s involved. Becoming side-tracked by interesting articles on Pinterest? Perfecting an early version of a logo that hasn’t even been approved yet? Much harder when you’re working analog.

Here at Dapper, we even get group drawing time in every now and then. Just last week we finished off a meeting seeing who could draw the best Keira-Knightly-as-a-dog. The winner (in my opinion) was the outside-the-box “Keira Knightly as Shark” from the bossman. Who knows, maybe it’ll find its way into the Dapper Adult Coloring Book.