It’s the Holiday Season


Around Dapper, we love this time of year. Not only because there are extra treats hanging around the office and pretty lights to look at, but because we get to help our clients spread messages of joy, hope and gratitude to their clients through corporate holiday cards. These projects go beyond your standard printed card (although we love doing those as well) and often will include email blasts, illustration, video and parallax design.  One of our favorite projects this year was GLY’s “Let’s Celebrate Community” campaign.  With over a month to plan and prep, this campaign includes a three-day video shoot, 16′ chalkboard wall, custom designed website and the Bellevue and Bothell communities. We think it turned out pretty cool and were so excited to be able to collaborate on a project that really gave back to the community.

Check out their final video message here

From all of us here at Dapper… Happy Holidays!