I’m On A Boat

Friday. A magical word, really. One that can only beg for an hour (or two) devoted entirely to relaxing after a week of hard work: Magic Hour.

Our in-house bartenders concoct mouth-watering beverages and we bite into anything from pâté to peach gummies to last week’s treat: guacamole. We may have been a week tardy in honoring the Mexican army’s victory on Cinco de Mayo, but hey, Pete’s margaritas and Hannah’s guac are never a bad idea. Throw in a sailboat and our very own Captain Brian and you’ve got yourself an almost perfect setup (perfect being with the addition of Kayla who we missed!). Just steps down from our office next to Pier 66 is access to a small marina where Brian and Mark tied up after venturing from Shilshole Bay on the clear, warm afternoon.

This group clicks. We have a variety of talents, interests and experiences, but we click. Add in some tequila and, well, we’ll laugh until we cry. We may not have set sail, but I’m sure we thoroughly entertained those on the deck at Anthony’s just above our slip. A creative team gets inspiration from their surroundings. Sometimes it’s around a table in the office, and sometimes it’s on a 27-footer under white sails. Wherever it is, that’s where the magic happens.