Comcast Spotlight Shoot: Success on a Full Stomach


Our first shoot for Comcast Spotlight’s TV testimonial series at Elmer’s Restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon went off without a hitch. Well, that may be stretching the truth a little. As with any on-location shoot we had our challenges, like dense fog, an uncommonly busy lunch rush, and the persistant and pervasive noise of the dishwasher machine to name a few. But the shoot was a success and CEO Jerry Scott couldn’t have been more welcoming and generous.

This series of testimonials features local, recognizable business owners who have increased business using Comcast Spotlight’s marketing services. All will be filmed on-location and air in both local and regional markets. Long-form, VOD edits will be produced for on-line advertising.

We just wrapped up post-production. Check out the :30 sec spot here.

Next up: Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort in Jackson, CA.