Channels of Inspiration

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to be and am encouraged to be creative every day. This creativity benefits from the work we do, as we are hired by various industries to complete jobs large and small over an array of mediums. It is an energizing work-life, but just like any career you want to excel in, you are constantly looking for ways to push yourself and to maintain creativity by looking for inspiration, well, pretty much everywhere. We joke in the office about how none of us can pass by a sign/ad/billboard without critiquing or admiring it. On my daily commute I am constantly observing color, pattern, typography, etc. in the strangest of places and most times it directly reflects my current project. Other ways I search for inspiration is by reading about other designers’ processes and the quirky ways in which they find their own inspiration and then apply it to their work. This particular designer, Inka Mathew, matches pantone colors to tiny objects that show up in her every day. What a fun way to look at color!

View her Instagram Gallery here.