Building TV Campaigns with Custom UX

We recently designed and developed a web-based tv campaign builder for Comcast Spotlight. The unique interactive experience gives regional sales reps and local businesses the ability to build sample advertising campaigns by choosing combinations of local advertising zones and specific demographic groups they’d like their campaign to target. After selecting a target audience, the configurator provides an audience summary, specific tv networks their campaign will air on, supplemental media suggestions, and a … Continue reading »

Why Time Flies

Friday afternoons at Dapper ‘Magic Hour’ it is often discussed how quickly the days and weeks seem to go by. Sometimes, they go so fast that we even neglect our blog, unintentionally of course. Because this seems to be a common theme among adulthood, and as the summer months are coming to a close, I felt this interactive presentation put together by Maximilian Kiener … Continue reading »

Life after Skeuomorphism

With the flat visual user interface pioneered by Apple’s IOS 7 now widely accepted by the design community, its competitor has tasked itself with taking it to a new level. At Google’s I/O 2014, their design team showcased a new concept which incorporates the world of material design and that of the flat visual user interfaces we use on a daily basis. By … Continue reading »

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