Welcome Neighbor!

With eager anticipation we watched as a new neighbor moved in across the street. And after months of waiting they’re finally open! Cloudburst Brewing is pulling out all the stops and brewing all kinds of delicious beer. From an Oyster Stout to a Cranberry-Sage IPA they are truly embracing all the offerings that Pike Place Market has to offer. Magic … Continue reading »

Seattle to Boise

    This week was a sad one at Dapper – Kristin, Phillip and Ollie have moved to Boise! We are very sorry to see them go, but so excited for their new adventures to come. Kristin has worked at Dapper for over six years, and she is a valuable asset to our team. Magic hours just won’t be the same without … Continue reading »

Food for thought

  Why the infamous ‘hamburger’ menu isn’t always the best choice. SEE WHAT THE DATA IS SAYING      

Let Me Doodle On It

I’ve been excited and inspired this month by a couple of things I’ve seen about doodling, coloring and generally just getting to express yourself, and the benefits that it has on mental health, stress and memory. Fortunately, here at Dapper, we work in a field where we get to express ourselves creatively in some form or another day in and day … Continue reading »

Typography of Paris

  Brilliant graphic designer Louise Fili is well know for her beautiful, handrawn typography and delicate letterform creations that can be seen on many well-known brands such as Tiffany & Co., Good Housekeeping and our very own Pink Door restaurant in Pike Place Market – one of our favorites here at Dapper! Her most recent publication is a beautiful tribute to the … Continue reading »

The Morning Commute

With the traffic in Seattle getting more and more exhausting, we decided to try an alternative mode of transportation into work this morning. Introducing the Dapper Commuter, just one of the perks of working in downtown Seattle!  

Adapting Logos for the Small Screen

In elementary school when I was first taught the fundamentals of writing, my teacher stressed the importance of the five w’s… who, what, where, when and why. Little did I know then, that these same principles would stay with me for life and as a designer, could and should always be applied to my work.  When starting on a new web project we … Continue reading »

Animate Your Next Email Campaign

    It’s time to cool up and animate those email campaigns…well, a little at least. With email, there are always going to be constraints. In the super informative A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email, Jason Rodriguez with Litmus spells out all the dos, don’ts and whys of incorporating animated GIFs in email campaigns.


  the100dayproject.squarespace.com The 100 Day Project is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Something that combines my interest in found art and the city, without making me journal about it. There is no pressure to create something gallery-worthy, but is instead defined by what I consider to be art and what I consider to be beauty. For my contribution to … Continue reading »

The 12th Man

We may be an office of seven, but this football season it was hard not to feel like the 12th Man. After crushing the Denver Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII with a final score of 43-8, the Seattle Seahawks brought the energy and excitement back to the city. On what could be described as a perfect Seattle day, fans across the … Continue reading »

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