Existential Beef: Design Thinking in Patty Form

I know a hamburger might not seem like it has much to do with design thinking or existential thought, but if you read a couple posts on The Message is Medium Rare you may start to change your mind.

Life after Skeuomorphism

With the flat visual user interface pioneered by Apple’s IOS 7 now widely accepted by the design community, its competitor has tasked itself with taking it to a new level. At Google’s I/O 2014, their design team showcased a new concept which incorporates the world of material design and that of the flat visual user interfaces we use on a daily basis. By … Continue reading »

Adapting Logos for the Small Screen

In elementary school when I was first taught the fundamentals of writing, my teacher stressed the importance of the five w’s… who, what, where, when and why. Little did I know then, that these same principles would stay with me for life and as a designer, could and should always be applied to my work.  When starting on a new web project we … Continue reading »

High Flying Design

After a leading a refresh of the TCS brand, Dapper stepped in to help design TCS’ new Boeing 757 private jet used to tour the world in first class luxury. Check out the recently featured article in the Wall Street Journal detailing the rise in private jet travel and how TCS is leading the way.      

5 Web Design Trends on their Way Out

In the digitally-focused culture we live in, advances in technology move faster than we can sometimes keep up making experiences like purchasing a new iPhone (only to discover their newest version is being released the very next day) pretty frustrating. That’s why it helps to be up-to-date (if only for the moment) on trends that are in and out in … Continue reading »

AIGA Celebrates 100 Years

If you’re a designer, you’ve more than likely participated in AIGA at some point in your career. As a student (about a decade ago, eek!), I would often refer to the AIGA design archives for inspiration and to keep up on the latest best practices. Now it’s a great resource for when Dapper is hiring, when we’re craving some creative … Continue reading »

Design Value Project

So many times it’s hard to see the monetary value that design can bring to a company. The folks over at DMI recently wrapped up a 10 year long study that looks into how putting an emphasis on design first can impact the financial gains of a company. See the full study and the 228% difference design can bring here: … Continue reading »

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