Campaign Supernova – Designing a Print Campaign

ArtsFund is a Seattle-based non-profit that focuses on enhancing the culture of the community by supporting the arts through grants, advocacy and leadership. This year (and last) we’ve had the privilege of helping them with their end of year press materials and print campaign. For this go round, that meant a pair of brochures, an economic impact study, bookmarks and their annual report. Overall, from initial kickoff meetings to final press checks and delivery, we spent about 5 months working on all the materials.

The folks over at ArtsFund have always been a pleasure to work with, and this year was no different. Together, we started by taking a good high-level look at all the materials they were wanting to produce, evaluating which were primary needs and which were secondary. We looked at creating all new documents—like the economic impact study and its corresponding brochure—as well as updating materials from previous years—like the annual report and an overview brochure. With that info we were able to start crafting a look and feel for this year’s documents that would tie all the materials together.

The final materials on display.

The final materials on display at the ArtsFund offices.

With each piece, we worked collaboratively with the team over at ArtsFund to ensure that the design and content were working together to properly highlight their organization’s mission and goals. In the end, we created 5 pieces, some of which—like the economic impact study—ArtsFund will be able to use for the next few years.

It’s always fun to have a campaign like this that challenges us to translate a design aesthetic across multiple pieces, and this one was no different. After a big push to get everything finished on time, we’re able to finally step back and enjoy all the hard work we’ve done…until next year, that is!



Proofing is a crucial step in every print process!