For the Win!

  Congratulations to our clients, SSF Engineers and GLY Construction, for taking home Excellence in Marketing awards at the 2016 Reign Awards Gala put on annually by Seattle’s Society for Marketing Professional Services. SSF won Best Website which was part of their re-brand in 2015. GLY won Best One-Time Marketing Piece and People’s Choice Award for their Holiday eCard campaign which we wrote … Continue reading »

SOLD – Yardhouse Apartments

  Congratulations to our client, Revolve Development, on the sale of Yardhouse Apartments. This was one of our favorite projects to work on from creating the brand to designing their custom website. The boutique property is beautifully built and indeed a unique property in the Seattle market. Wishing them all the best moving forward and we are excited to continue working … Continue reading »

It’s the Holiday Season

Around Dapper, we love this time of year. Not only because there are extra treats hanging around the office and pretty lights to look at, but because we get to help our clients spread messages of joy, hope and gratitude to their clients through corporate holiday cards. These projects go beyond your standard printed card (although we love doing those as … Continue reading »

Appealing to Culture and Symbols in Design

    With any project, one of the first questions you have to ask before you begin is, “who is the audience?” This is important because as a designer you are communicating a message that is hopefully received successfully by targeting those it is meant to reach. Using cultural symbols is one way to ensure attention by using some icon, artifact, or societal norm from which they … Continue reading »

Why Time Flies

Friday afternoons at Dapper ‘Magic Hour’ it is often discussed how quickly the days and weeks seem to go by. Sometimes, they go so fast that we even neglect our blog, unintentionally of course. Because this seems to be a common theme among adulthood, and as the summer months are coming to a close, I felt this interactive presentation put together by Maximilian Kiener … Continue reading »

Channels of Inspiration

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to be and am encouraged to be creative every day. This creativity benefits from the work we do, as we are hired by various industries to complete jobs large and small over an array of mediums. It is an energizing work-life, but just like any career you want to excel in, you are constantly looking … Continue reading »

Adapting Logos for the Small Screen

In elementary school when I was first taught the fundamentals of writing, my teacher stressed the importance of the five w’s… who, what, where, when and why. Little did I know then, that these same principles would stay with me for life and as a designer, could and should always be applied to my work.  When starting on a new web project we … Continue reading »

5 Web Design Trends on their Way Out

In the digitally-focused culture we live in, advances in technology move faster than we can sometimes keep up making experiences like purchasing a new iPhone (only to discover their newest version is being released the very next day) pretty frustrating. That’s why it helps to be up-to-date (if only for the moment) on trends that are in and out in … Continue reading »

The 12th Man

We may be an office of seven, but this football season it was hard not to feel like the 12th Man. After crushing the Denver Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII with a final score of 43-8, the Seattle Seahawks brought the energy and excitement back to the city. On what could be described as a perfect Seattle day, fans across the … Continue reading »

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