Our Largest Project Yet!

Dapper is excited to announce that we have completed the materials for Diridon Station, a 1,000,000sf office, retail and residential property in San Jose. We created a brand, full website, leasing brochure and building materials for this property, which has been a favorite to work on. We partnered with Kilograph to create a virtual reality tour of the property and the downtown … Continue reading »

Cheers to Thursday Beers

It’s been a while since our last blog post, and I promise its not because we have been too busy drinking beer! We have been working on a lot of interesting, challenging, and super fun projects over the past couple months – what better way to unwind than at Cloudburst Brewing? The Happy Little Clouds Pilsner and the Cosmic Lust … Continue reading »

Comcast West Division Annual Meeting

Dapper is excited to have assisted Comcast with their WD500 meeting in Houston this year! We created a wide variety of materials for this meeting, including nametags, directional signage, banners and handouts of all kinds. Our major focus this year was on a 80 page “selfie book”, where each of the 450+ attendees was given the chance to answer a … Continue reading »

Autumn Days at Dapper

  Fall is officially here! I vowed to cut out Pumpkin Spice Lattes this year, so apple cider it is! We have been very busy this autumn, with lots of fun and challenging projects coming through the office. We love this time of year – the days are crisp, everyone is back from the summer vacations, and most importantly, we get … Continue reading »

Seattle to Boise

    This week was a sad one at Dapper – Kristin, Phillip and Ollie have moved to Boise! We are very sorry to see them go, but so excited for their new adventures to come. Kristin has worked at Dapper for over six years, and she is a valuable asset to our team. Magic hours just won’t be the same without … Continue reading »

Typography of Paris

  Brilliant graphic designer Louise Fili is well know for her beautiful, handrawn typography and delicate letterform creations that can be seen on many well-known brands such as Tiffany & Co., Good Housekeeping and our very own Pink Door restaurant in Pike Place Market – one of our favorites here at Dapper! Her most recent publication is a beautiful tribute to the … Continue reading »

I Wish This Was…

With new construction projects popping up seemingly around every corner, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the continual, disruptive mess and crane-scarred skyline. It seems as though everything is constantly being replaced by something newer and often times less than inspiring. Multiple historic downtown buildings will be replaced by hotels and parking garages, and do we really need another Starbucks? How do … Continue reading »


  the100dayproject.squarespace.com The 100 Day Project is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Something that combines my interest in found art and the city, without making me journal about it. There is no pressure to create something gallery-worthy, but is instead defined by what I consider to be art and what I consider to be beauty. For my contribution to … Continue reading »

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