5 Web Design Trends on their Way Out


In the digitally-focused culture we live in, advances in technology move faster than we can sometimes keep up making experiences like purchasing a new iPhone (only to discover their newest version is being released the very next day) pretty frustrating. That’s why it helps to be up-to-date (if only for the moment) on trends that are in and out in the tech-world. In our office, that translates into web design. Forbes just released their list of 5 website design trends that are on their way out, and we can not agree more. See below for the quick list of trends to say goodbye to this year.

5 Web Design Trends on their way out:

1. Mobile Versions of Websites

2. Text-heavy Sites

3. SEO Copywriting

4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

5. Three-Dimensional Design

Access the entire article and read about the specifics of each expiring trend, here.

One trend we’re also hoping goes away soon, selfies… but that’s a whole different blog post.

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