Why Time Flies

Friday afternoons at Dapper ‘Magic Hour’ it is often discussed how quickly the days and weeks seem to go by. Sometimes, they go so fast that we even neglect our blog, unintentionally of course. Because this seems to be a common theme among adulthood, and as the summer months are coming to a close, I felt this interactive presentation put together by Maximilian Kiener … Continue reading »

Food for thought

  Why the infamous ‘hamburger’ menu isn’t always the best choice. SEE WHAT THE DATA IS SAYING      

Let Me Doodle On It

I’ve been excited and inspired this month by a couple of things I’ve seen about doodling, coloring and generally just getting to express yourself, and the benefits that it has on mental health, stress and memory. Fortunately, here at Dapper, we work in a field where we get to express ourselves creatively in some form or another day in and day … Continue reading »

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