Existential Beef: Design Thinking in Patty Form

I know a hamburger might not seem like it has much to do with design thinking or existential thought, but if you read a couple posts on The Message is Medium Rare you may start to change your mind.

The Morning Commute

With the traffic in Seattle getting more and more exhausting, we decided to try an alternative mode of transportation into work this morning. Introducing the Dapper Commuter, just one of the perks of working in downtown Seattle!  

I Wish This Was…

With new construction projects popping up seemingly around every corner, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the continual, disruptive mess and crane-scarred skyline. It seems as though everything is constantly being replaced by something newer and often times less than inspiring. Multiple historic downtown buildings will be replaced by hotels and parking garages, and do we really need another Starbucks? How do … Continue reading »

Life after Skeuomorphism

With the flat visual user interface pioneered by Apple’s IOS 7 now widely accepted by the design community, its competitor has tasked itself with taking it to a new level. At Google’s I/O 2014, their design team showcased a new concept which incorporates the world of material design and that of the flat visual user interfaces we use on a daily basis. By … Continue reading »

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