Adapting Logos for the Small Screen

In elementary school when I was first taught the fundamentals of writing, my teacher stressed the importance of the five w’s… who, what, where, when and why. Little did I know then, that these same principles would stay with me for life and as a designer, could and should always be applied to my work.  When starting on a new web project we … Continue reading »

I’m On A Boat

Friday. A magical word, really. One that can only beg for an hour (or two) devoted entirely to relaxing after a week of hard work: Magic Hour. Our in-house bartenders concoct mouth-watering beverages and we bite into anything from pâté to peach gummies to last week’s treat: guacamole. We may have been a week tardy in honoring the Mexican army’s … Continue reading »

Comcast Spotlight Shoot: Success on a Full Stomach

Our first shoot for Comcast Spotlight’s TV testimonial series at Elmer’s Restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon went off without a hitch. Well, that may be stretching the truth a little. As with any on-location shoot we had our challenges, like dense fog, an uncommonly busy lunch rush, and the persistant and pervasive noise of the dishwasher machine to name a few. But the shoot was a … Continue reading »

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